About Us

Independent Rider… Why?

Why chose to “Ride Independent “?
Let me try to answer that question for you…

Most of us seek the feeling of freedom. Perhaps not necessarily within an association . Some of us want nothing more more but to “Ride Independent”.
Others may no longer stand by the choices they made in the past, choosing to leave it behind and move forward.

Independent Rider is a concept which invokes the feeling of being equals while on the road. Once on our bike, we ultimately all get the same liberating feeling of pure freedom. That is what accelerates through our label.

It deals with life both ON and OFF the bike. To support the community in all these needs we have t-shirts, sweaters and custom made patches. Our label was positively received upon spreading it in the biker community. It is for this reason that I look forward to the future together. Feel free to shop the merch through the site.

See you on the road… Ride safe, Ride Independent… but never alone.

Independent Rider

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